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The Psychopathic Narcissist

The Psychopathic Narcissist

Written by Randi Fine

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

An acclaimed, highly visible “psychopathic narcissist" named Sam Vaknin is widely considered an expert on the topic of narcissism. He is an author, his YouTube catalog is extensive, and he is an “esteemed” speaker at many seminars.

When Vaknin speaks he exudes an air of authority. He is well educated and is a professor of psychology (not a licensed mental health professional). He does however hold a Ph.D in Philosphy. His revelation about the true nature of narcissists and what motivates them, as heard in the seminar “Divorcing the Narcissist”, though frightening is astonishingly accurate and quite disconcerting.

According to Vaknin, a speaker at that seminar, we are all “units off the shelf, out of the box, that are interchangeable”. Each of us has what he calls a “specific user manual” that narcissists use to “leverage information to some extent.” He states with deadpan expression, “People are tools, instruments, avatars. You are not special; none of you. You are what you can give.”

Vaknin admits that narcissists are “mind snatchers who infect our minds” and that they believe they are “givers of life”. He acknowledges the fact that narcissists "mortally wound people", then pompously adds that they render us “shapeless”, “dissolve us in acid”, pulverize us”, and “automize us.” Though we have all felt this way, it is shocking to know the truth.