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People often stay in bad marriages way too long for a myriad of reasons. During Susan’s career as a divorce consultant, she has observed four primary reasons why people stay in toxic, abusive, or bad marriages. You may recognize one or all of them in relation to your current situation.

#1 – Fear of the Unknown

The phrase “The devil I know is less frightening than the one I don’t know,” is not one that applies to a marriage with a narcissist. Staying with a narcissist who berates you, is unfaithful, or is downright cruel is way worse than the unknown. Marriage to a narcissist is a nightmare. Life after divorcing a narcissist has so many wonderful possibilities.


#2 – They believe they can change the narcissist.

While the thought that you can change your spouse is a nice one, the truth is that you can’t change anyone. People must change because they want to. Someone with a Cluster B personality disorder is not only unwilling, but completely unable to change. No amount of therapy can make this happen. Meanwhile, you continue to live a miserable life filled with lies, betrayals and abuse. While waiting for your spouse to change, which is an impossibility, you waste your time and your life, and sacrifice your mental health.


#3 – They hope the narcissist will think and behave the same as them.

The hope that the narcissist will eventually think and behave as you do is an illusion. That belief will only set you up for disappointment, frustration, and emotional devastation. After many years of hoping, praying, and wishing your spouse will see things as you do, it is obvious that your way has not worked. It won’t ever work. These people are who they are.


#4 – Money

People believe that divorce always leads to financial ruin. That is far from true. With the proper strategy in place, not only can you get out of your bad marriage, but you can also do it with your financial future intact. You must have a well-advised strategy. Without one your narcissistic spouse WILL conquer you financially. You will be left with nothing.


The answer is YES. But ONLY if you have a strategy.


We, at Messy Divorce Solutions ™ know how to do it,

and in this workshop will teach YOU HOW!

It is:

  • A LIVE two-day, workshop.

  • Hosted and taught by renowned experts in their fields, Susan Shofer and Randi Fine

Susan Shofer

susan shofer.jpg

Susan Shofer is a two-decade corporate private investigator who turned Divorce Consultant and CDC Certified Divorce Coach twelve years ago. Her specialty is high conflict divorce and parental alienation and is a member of Parental Alienation Study Group. Susan has coached thousands of people, from all over the world, to successfully navigate their high conflict divorce.  Her extensive court testifying experience as a private investigator and my thousands of hours of court room has helped her teach her clients how to understand the choreography of divorce and the courtroom. Susan is a TEDx speaker, her talk on Parental Alienation can be viewed on YouTube, and she was Curator/Event Planner for TEDxRolandPark in Baltimore, Maryland in 2022. Susan is also the author of several books on Amazon.

Randi Fine


Randi Fine is a World-Renowned Narcissistic Abuse Expert and Coach in private practice with 15 years of experience coaching victims and survivors of narcissistic personality disorder abuse worldwide. An accomplished coach with proven success, she has directly guided over 1200 clients toward rapid emotional healing, and thousands more through articles, interviews, videos, and podcasts. Randi Fine, also a Certified Neuro Bilateral Processing Coach as well as a Certified Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Practitioner, is experienced in guiding trauma survivors through a unique, non-triggering memory release technique, and helping them regulate their traumatized nervous systems. Randi has been the host of the highly acclaimed wellness podcast A Fine Time for Healing for more than twelve years, and to date has interviewed over 500 guests. Randi is the best-selling author of Close Encounters of the Worst Kind Second Edition: The Narcissistic Abuse Survivor’s Comprehensive Guide to Healing and Recovery, the Close Encounters Comprehensive Workbook, and the compelling memoir, Cliffedge Road.

Randi and Susan will be joined by:

  • Other “divorcing a narcissist” experts in their respective fields who will be discussing topics such as taking care of your health, managing your finances, handling legal issues, and much more.

  • Several individuals, like yourself, who have successfully divorced narcissists and now have fabulous lives.


At the live Zoom bootcamp you will learn:

  • Who the narcissist really is. You think you know but wait until you learn what Randi Fine shares in her introduction.

  • How the narcissist act during the divorce.

  • How to avoid the love bombing and antagonistic ploys used to control you.

  • How to get the right attorney for your case and why any old attorney will do.

  • Why you need an expert in divorcing a narcissist/high-conflict divorce, why not all attorneys are created equal, and why you must get it right from the beginning to avoid attorney hopping.

  • How to keep yourself safe, emotionally, physically, and financially.

  • What professionals you may encounter along the way (or what I call the Alphabet Soup of divorce professionals) such as GAL, SI, CE, PC, CDFA, just to name a few.

  • How to step into the divorce process with confidence and unprecedented knowledge.

You know what they say – “Knowledge is power.”


So, click on this link and sign up to join us

After you sign up, you will receive a Zoom link to the event.

Keep an eye on your emails for reminders, and some information along the way.

We promise you,

The Messy Divorce Solutions ™ Bootcamp/Workshop



We Can't Wait To Meet You!

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