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Close Encounters

Close Encounters is a comprehensive, compassionate and supportive guide to understanding the unique and complex nature of narcissistic abuse and the emotionally crippling syndrome that results from it. This groundbreaking book gives narcissistic abuse survivors the most complete and trustworthy road-map to guide them through the healing process, into recovery, and ultimately to the freedom and happiness they deserve.

Narcissistic abuse survivors, concerned supporters, and helping professionals will find the most up-to-date information on the psychological, emotional and physical effects of NPD abuse. Readers also learn how narcissistic abuse infiltrates various settings including work, family-of-origin, friendships and romantic relationships. 

Written in a non-labeling, non-judgmental style, survivors will find this book highly educating and empowering.  

To those people in your life who cannot possibly understand what you have endured, you no longer have to explain. Just hand them this book.

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind Book Trailer

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind Book Trailer

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Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: Comprehensive Recovery Workbook for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind Comprehensive Recovery Workbook is the official companion to Randi Fine's bestselling narcissistic abuse recovery guide, Close Encounters of the Worst Kind Second Edition.
This workbook is for anyone who is processing the concept of narcissistic abuse, anyone who recognizes the concept of narcissistic abuse and would like to dig deeper into the understanding of it, and anyone who wants more guidance on the path to healing from it.
Close Encounters of the Worst Kind Comprehensive Recovery Workbook is comprised of forty-eight lessons, each followed by a reflective writing exercise that can be written directly on the pages of this book. Each lesson concludes with final thoughts, tips, and strategies. Gain clarity and deeper insight intothe entire experience of narcissistic abuse and what it takes to heal from it.
Break free from the manipulation and control.
Take your life back!

Get Your New Companion Workbook!

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Cliffedge Road

World renowned narcissistic abuse expert and respected leader in her field, Randi Fine writes a brutally honest, gripping autobiographical account of her bizarre life growing up with a narcissistic mother and the pattern of adult trauma that follows.

With Ms. Fine’s signature “have coffee with me and chat” writing style, her intriguing stories, and her host of fascinating, memorable, three dimensional characters that leap off the page, this book is a page turner.

Cliffedge Road is the first and only book to characterize the life-long progression of complications caused by narcissistic child abuse. But the true focus of the story is the author’s dauntless determination to change herself and rise above the lot in life she’s been given. 

In a serious tone lightened by strategic bouts of comic relief, Ms. Fine masterfully evokes a range of emotions. Using her life as an example she teaches us that no matter the circumstances there is always hope. Nothing is impossible. Miracles do happen.