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Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

You Have Suffered Enough,
                   Now It Is Time to Heal.
Randi Fine, narcissistic abuse expert and coach

Meet Randi

The most difficult people in our lives end up being our greatest teachers. The hurdles they place before us and the challenges they present to us are only lessons that we must learn for our greater good. Think of the oyster…without the irritating grain of sand there would be no pearl. ~ Randi Fine


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Randi Fine is an expert in narcissistic abuse and a pioneer in the movement. She professionally coaches survivors worldwide through telephone & Zoom.


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What Clients Say

I had struggled with depression from childhood.  Twenty-four years ago, in my thirties, I got help and went through conventional therapy which significantly improved my life.  But something still did not seem quite right.  I found an article Randi had written on-line about the children of narcissists that described a lot of my experience growing up.  I was hesitant at first to reach out to Randi, mostly because I felt that I had already gone through therapy and there was nothing else to discuss.  I started talking to Randi in January 2021. I also read Randi's amazing book "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind," which explained so much of what I experienced as a child and what I struggled with as an adult.  The chapter on empaths explained so much about me and the way I viewed the world and the people around me. A year later I have taken a giant leap forward in my emotional and mental health-I have never been happier. Randi's experience and insights have opened my eyes to the abuse I endured, but more importantly they have allowed me to shed so much pain, anguish and confusion.                    

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