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Can Narcissists Ever Change?

Updated: Feb 9

Is it Possible for Narcissists to Change?

Written by Narcissistic Abuse Expert Randi Fine

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

Scenario One

You just realized that your parent, the one whose behavior has always been disturbing but previously indescribable, has something called narcissistic personality disorder. You, as people in every society do, believe that family is forever. Family was your past and family is your future. Families are there for us when others aren't. Or are they?

In an article posted on Forbes Magazine, What Does Having A 'Real' Family Mean, it is stated that "According to recent statistics, 70%-80% of Americans consider their families dysfunctional. If you're in the minority, you might find it hard to imagine not having an emotional connection to family members."