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Relationship Conflict Management Part Three

Man and woman in brown leather jackets using relationship conflict management

Relationship Conflict Management

The Art of Fair Fighting Part Three

Written by Randi Fine, Narcissistic Abuse Expert

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

Through relationship conflict management we are able to solve issues in a controlled, dignified manner, though not all problems are easily solved. The more complex the issue, the more attempts it may take to work through it.

Some people require more time and space than others to come to terms with an issue or reach an agreeable compromise. As long as each party is up front and honest about his or her needs, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a specified amount of leeway.

The needs and feelings of both parties must be considered when resolving a disagreement. Each partner must feel understood, cared for, and secure in the relationship before a mutually satisfactory compromise can be attained.

Compromise requires flexibility and options. For every solvable problem there are several solutions. Each partner should bring a few ideas to the table and then evaluate each other’s proposals by discussing the pros and cons of them. This is a brainstorming process that allows for the levity of humor. It is much easier to work as a team when both parties are laughing.

Before finalizing the compromise, be certain that both parties are comfortable with the terms and that no one will be left with residual bad feelings. Understand that there is rarely a “perfect” compromise; one party usually has to give in a little more than the other. That said, one partner should never have to give in more often than the other one does or make sacrifices. That may sound confusing if you have always believed that sacrifice a