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If You Are Dreading Valentine's Day You Are Not Alone

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

If You're Not Happy During Valentine's Day, You Are Not Alone

Written by Bruce Y. Lee Contributor Forbes Magazine

Happy Valentine's Day? Maybe. Maybe not. If not, don't despair.

Ah, if only life were like a romantic comedy or advertising. Valentine's Day is certainly a happy occasion for many. An opportunity to spend a day with that special someone or, for some, someones. A time to generate more memories, show your love or feel loved. But for others, it's anything but...even if you are in a relationship. For a number of people, the commercially designated day of love can actually cause stress, anxiety, unhappiness and even depression. Here are 20 reasons why not all are completely happy during Valentine's Day:

  1. Being reminded that you're not in a relationship: Here's a common source for the single. Most other days, you may realize that you are much more than a relationship and being single is much better than being in a bad relationship. But on this day, the social pressure can be overwhelming. Valentine's Day is like society collectively deciding to be politically incorrect toward single people.

  2. Being reminded that you are in a relationship: On the flip side, you may not really like your current relationship. Perhaps you can avoid the other person most of the year (e.g., "Honey, I'll be stepping out for a few weeks," or, "We have common interests in that we both hate each other."), but it's harder to do so on Valentine's Day. Seeing other couples who seem happier in real life or on television can add to the stress...especially if one of those couples you see includes your significant other.

  3. Being reminded that you are trying to be in a relationship: You know that person that you keep spending time with, trying to be like