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Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

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Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

Prayer for My Integrity and Dignity

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Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

Beautiful Inspiration for Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

Let me find myself in the beauty of the world when I open my eyes.

Let my soul be refreshed when I view the new day.

Let me look at each day as a new beginning, a chance to be kind, to do good, to offer inspiration, to be strong, and to strengthen my resolve to live my life with dignity.

Let me always know my blessings.

Let my life be enriched by the new life that surrounds me, and wisdom garnered from the lessons of the past.

Let no person be allowed to destroy my dignity.

Let me find the resolve to live my life with self-respect and let no person divest me of this purpose.

Let me have faith in times of despair and in my times of joy, always mindful that they are on the same continuum, that no life is free of either.

In despair, let me never close my eyes to my blessings. In joy, let me not forget that others are despondent and may need help.

Let me value my life and treat myself with the dignity and respect that was the purpose of my creation.

Let me experience the love that surrounds me in this world and know that I have never been alone.

Let me consider the road I have traveled but not ponder it too much. I know the reasons for the oppression I have endured.

Let me forgive myself for not having had the courage in the past to live my life in freedom.

Let me honor myself now for the courage I had to leave a life that divested me of my dignity.

Let me live in the present and build hope in the future.

Let me for all my remaining days live my life authentically.

Let me have the courage to face my fears, and know that challenges are an opportunity for growth. Problems have solutions and stretch one’s soul.

Let me never again compromise my integrity.

Let me maintain my direction and self-discipline, and use these gifts. I realize that my purpose on Earth is still unfolding.

Let me persevere to fulfill this purpose. Let me allow myself to flourish and become the person I was meant to be.


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