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We Are Eternal Beings With Only Love to Share

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

We Are Eternal Beings With Only Love to Share

Wisdom Channeled through Randi Fine

One morning I asked for spiritual wisdom; for a message I could share with my readers. Following are the words I received from a wise and loving, but unidentified source:

"How would your life change if you knew that you were more than your physical body, if you knew that the world you live in is more than what you can see and hear? What would you do if you woke up with all the knowledge of the universe in the palms of your hands?

We all have the capability to do that, we just don’t know it. It seems as if life as we know it has meaning, but do we really understand how much more is out there for us? When we open our eyes and our hearts to the truth of the Universe we see the endless possibilities that exist for us; way more than we ever conceived was possible.

We are remarkable works of art. We are more powerful than we can ever fathom from the limiting point of view of the physical world. We only need to tap into that wisdom to become what we are capable of becoming. Limitations are a thing of the physical world, not of the spiritual world. As spirits we soar free. How remarkable we are.

The world we live in puts constraints on us. It shields us from the truth of who we truly are. And that is necessary to be able to function in the kind of world we live in. Since we are not able to see what our capabilities are we ignore that fact that we have them. But we do have them. We do possess all the power of the Universe within us. We are beings of light who roam fearless and free without constraints.

Earth is where we go to be all that we are capable of being. It stands to reason that we are not able to see what we need to see because we are lost in the confusion of life; the confusion of what we think we are supposed to accomplish, when in fact we are only here to love. Love is all that matters. As eternal spirits we know no other way, but as physical beings we have to remember it. It does not come naturally to us in our daily interactions with others because others challenge us in ways that puts us on guard. It makes us afraid to soar as we are meant to soar.

No one has the limitations or restrictions that they place on themselves, but still we all place them on ourselves. Never mind the challenge of living in your head. All you really need to do is live in your heart. It all begins with your willingness to see what is beyond the veil. Then it is up to each of us to find our way back to our true home; the place we reside for eternity.  For we are all eternal beings with only love to share.

We see the ways of humans as difficult, as struggles. But you and I know that the only way to love is to learn. To learn what it is we cannot see that guides us in our paths to truth. The way of hope is one of light.

You are  glorious in nature. You are far more beautiful than you are able to see. The truth is that you are amazing. You are a necessary part of the evolution of the world and your spirit only wants to shine brightly.

So comfort those who cannot see the truth because they will awaken to their true natures when you do. And then the people of the world can come together to bond over what they have in common, their true spiritual nature of being; of existing. No more hatred no more wars. Only peace. A peaceful world. Can you imagine that. Can you imagine existing in a place where pain and heartache do not exist – only love. Unity among mankind. Unity among souls who never forget what they came here to do; and that is to love one another.

We in the spiritual world know this truth and desperately want to share this information with you because your world is hurting. But there is a better way. We want you to know that you hold the power that can change things. Your reality can change if you will only listen to everything we are saying to you and your people. Love is all there is. We want you to know this truth."


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