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Narcissists Have a Peculiar Way of Communicating

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Narc Speak: A Language All Their Own

Randi Fine, Author

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: The Narcissistic Abuse Survivor's Guide to Healing and Recovery: Second Edition ©

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

In interacting with narcissists you may notice that their methods of communication are peculiar.

Narcissists talk at people, not to them. They go on and on about what is happening in their lives, though to truly know them is to not believe any of it. If you try to share what is important to you with a narcissist, she will diminish the importance of it and steer the conversation right back to her.

If it ever appears that they care about what you are saying, I can assure you they do not. They will allow you to elaborate, only to scrutinize your words for future ammunition.

Narcissists never truly listen, because in their grandiose opinion of themselves, what others have to say is largely a waste of their time, unless it includes words of adulation a