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Beware of the Future Faker

Beware of the "Future Faker"

Written by Susan Shofer

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

After being divorced from a two-decade long marriage, getting out into the dating world was a scary proposition for me. The choreography of dating changed dramatically since I met my husband many years before. In the “old days”, people met their spouses in high school, college, through friends, at various social events and even pubs/bars. Now dating moved from the neighborhood watering hole to the computer. Meeting someone face-to-face is secondary after swiping through a gallery of faces. This is how I met my "Future Faker".

Before I ventured into the new world of online dating, which was relatively a new concept and still had a stigma attached to it, I thoroughly researched what I was getting myself into. I became proficient at recognizing the disingenuous buzz phrases that serial daters used in their dating profiles to entice unsuspecting women, and rapidly swiped past the ones who were only playing the field. As a two-decade careered private investigator, I knew how to keep myself safe when meeting a stranger. My first rule of thumb was to always meet during daylight hours, at a crowded location, and to never let the date see my car.