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Why Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse Is Frustrating and Challenging

Updated: 6 days ago

What You Know Intellectually Does Not Match What You Feel Emotionally

Written by Randi Fine, Narcissistic Abuse Expert

Narcissistic Abuse Guidance and Support with Randi Fine

You have finally discovered the reason for the strange behavior exhibited by your abuser and are beginning to understand why you've been suffering as much as you have. It has been a huge relief to put the disjointed pieces of your life together in a way that makes some sense. You have read everything there is to read, listened to everything there is to listen to, watched everything there is to watch. You have connected with others through forums and online support groups and received some level of validation. You are so educated in the topic of narcissistic abuse, you could teach a master class on it. Sadly, you do not feel any better. Logic tells you are safe but you don't feel safe.

Many people experience narcissistic abuse, learn about it, and perhaps even seek traditional therapy for it, then blame themselves when those efforts fail. Self-compassion gets blocked and they turn on themselves.This leaves survivors who cannot seem to move forward feeling frustrated.