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Understanding the Opposite Sex Part Two

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

How Men Think How Women Think, Part Two

Written by Randi Fine

Since the brain drives our emotions, and the brains of men and women are physiologically different in that area, it comes as no surprise that men and women experience their emotions differently. Though they are typically thought of as being the more emotionally expressive of the two sexes, women understand, accept, and manage their emotions better than men do.

Men are analytical, objective and direct.  They run for cover whenever they hear words like “emotions” or “feelings;”

Men have a tendency to retreat into dark rooms or go to sleep when they are threatened, upset, or need to decompress.  When they are in that mode, they want to be alone.  They do not want to talk about what is bothering them or discuss their feelings in regard to the issue.  They do not want to process their thoughts; they just want to mindlessly sit at their computer, listen to music, watch television, play video games, or stare into space for awhile.  When left alone, they will soon feel better and resume interacting with others in their normal way.

Women need to express their feelings and be heard in order to come to terms with them.  When women are upset, hormonal, depressed, or tired they want love, compassion, and understanding.  They want and need extra attention from their partner, even when they are acting irrationally or are out of sorts. During these episodes, a man tends to want to leave the woman alone because that is what he would want from her if the tables were turned.  He does not know the first thing about how to handle her mood swings.