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Taking Your Power Back From Your Narcissistic Abuser

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Taking Your Power Back From Your Narcissistic Abuser

Written by Randi Fine, Narcissistic Abuse Expert

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

The idea of taking your power back from your narcissistic abuser may frighten, intimidate, and overwhelm you, but it is not as difficult or as complicated a feat as it might seem.

Loss of personal power keeps you fearful of the narcissist harassing you, re-entering your life, taking you to or back to court, and/or smearing your name. It causes you to fear life in general; feel as if something dark and dangerous is always looming that can turn your life upside down at any time. And it allows the narcissist, whether in your life or not, to continue commanding your thoughts and influencing your actions.

Narcissists have no personal power of their own. They must steal it from victims and hostages through mind control, deception, and intimidation.

Their lack of empathy for others allows them to stoop to whatever level is necessary to get what they want. Unable to understand their bizarre way of thinking and accept that they only want to hurt us, we feel powerless over the devastating things they do to us.

We are powerless to change them, powerless to negotiate and compromise with them, powerless to win an argument, and powerless to outfox and outmaneuver them. Which is why we must take a different approach.

Our power must come from within through self-love, self-respect, personal boundaries, and self-validation. Amidst the ongoing barrage of external violations we are subject to, our personal power comes from loving who we are, feeling good about who we are, treating ourselves well, and believing in ourselves.

In taking your power back from your narcissistic abuser, accept that the person will never apologize, validate your experience, or respect you. Understand that his or her behavior has nothing to do with you. Though it feels personal, it is not. It is just the nature of the