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Spirituality: What Exactly Is It

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Hand holding large crystal practicing spirituality


What Exactly Is It

Written by Randi Fine

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The word spirituality is often interchanged with the words faith and religion. Though they are interrelated, the terms have very different meanings.

Spirituality is a subjective and individual belief system. It is the uncharted path we take to seek out the true essence of our being, the meaning of life, and our core values. It is the appreciation of the awe and mystery of life; the connection to the source of all that exists, the energy that gives us life.

Spirituality is the search for that which is inspiring and reverent, a search for and creation of a more intimate connection with God, a Higher Power, or the Universe. It is a connection to a spiritual world while living in a physical world; an intangible connection to a vast, divine realm--an unseen force, energy, or spirit. This connection to the ultimate reality is where our beliefs, our intellect, and our desires are influenced.

Spirituality is the divine spark inside of us; our inner spirit and a higher source of awareness. We awaken from just being and become aware of the infinite possibilities and opportunities in store for us.

Our spiritual roots are where our life gets its nourishment. They provide an infinite source of the love, happiness, and serenity that we deeply desire. We tap into a well-spring of inspiration where we may consciously search for inner peace and overall well-being, and develop our foundation for happiness. This foundation is also the source of our morality and pureness of heart. From this foundation we learn to be truthful to our inner self and absolutely truth