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Narcissists Are Clever, Cunning and Diabolical

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Narcissists Are Clever, Cunning and Diabolical

Article written by Randi Fine

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

Narcissists are clever, cunning and diabolical; treacherously brilliant at their craft. Some are obvious in the way they express their disorder, some more secretive.

Those who express it obviously/overtly are more outward and open about it. They like attention and have an insatiable need to always be in the spotlight. Often these people are very successful, high achievers, or in the public eye. They will do whatever it takes to attain the limelight and capture the attention of what they perceive as an awe-filled audience. To accomplish that they may intimidate others, make demands, or use their charm.

Overt narcissists show little interest or enthusiasm in what others have to say or share. They will deliberately show boredom or impatience while steering the focus back to themselves. When they succeed at redirecting the attention, their enthusiasm and animation noticeably resume. Whenever there is physical violence displayed in the home of a narcissist it often signals overt narcissism at work.

Covert narcissists, the more secretive of the two, gain the constant attention they seek using indirect or secondary methods. They are not obvious in their pursuit of this stardom. They may gain their admiration and feelings of importance through engaging in helping or nurturing roles, though they actually care little for the people or the cause.

Covert narcissists like to play the role of martyr—they take on heroic responsibilities, claiming that they have to do everything themselves because everyone else is undependable, unqualified, or uncooperative. They claim that no one is helpful to them; that they sacrifice a great deal for others and get nothing in return. This tactic is used