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Narcissistic Pride: When Ego Eclipses Personal Health and Safety

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Woman with narcissistic pride face cracking

Narcissistic Pride

When Ego Eclipses Personal Health and Safety

Written by Randi Fine, Narcissistic Abuse Expert

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

There is an elderly woman whose narcissistic pride is so severe that it has physically destroyed her. This woman has been suffering from a painful auto-immune disease for forty-one years.

Progressively over the years, the steroids she took to relieve the pain caused irreversible damage to her bones, eyes, skin, muscles and organs. Her cervical spine no longer has the cushion of discs between vertebrae; bone sits on bone. When she gets an injury of any sort she does not heal. She has had innumerable surgeries to repair the damages caused by her auto-immune disorder. For the last twenty years she has been literally eroding away.

With all her pain and physical problems, I often wonder how she gets out of bed each morning. I am pretty sure that under the same circumstances I could not. But she does get out of bed each day; always has and still manages to do so. Most days she even goes out. She has to. That is where she engages strangers and interacts with admirers; where she gets narcissistic supply. Her will is ironclad.

Generally when we think of someone with a strong will we imagine someone who has an insatiable zest for life or someone who knows what she wants, lets nothing stop her, and goes after it with gusto. None of those characterizations apply to the will of this woman. Two things motivate her; her desperate need for narcissistic supply and her egotistical determination to appear perfect to the world. She refuses, no matter the condition, to allow anyone to see her (or think of her as) weak, injured or infirm. Did I