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How to Stop Controlling and Start Surrendering

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Circles of Influence and Control

Influence and Control

The Wisdom to Know the Difference

Written by Randi Fine, Narcissistic Abuse Expert

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

We make plans - the Universe laughs

When facing the challenges life brings it is important to understand the difference between influence and control; what is within our power, what is not, and what we do have influence over.

Do you spend a lot of time and energy worrying, focusing on or trying to change things you have no control over? Do you believe you can determine the exact outcome of the future?

Life is unpredictable. The worldwide pandemic was a palpable example of that. We all had plans for the future, none of which included getting sick, losing loved ones, closing businesses, being out of work, having no income, being physically cut off from friends and family, being unable to travel, becoming house bound.

No one could have known how life would look in the aftermath of the pandemic. It was impossible for anyone to control the outcome. But we did have influence over