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Exploitation and Betrayal of Trust in Domestic Abuse

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Healing From the Exploitation and Betrayal of Domestic Abuse

Written by Narcissistic Abuse Expert and Coach, Randi Fine

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

When abuse occurs in a family or relationship, it is common for the person experiencing it to feel as if they are the only one in the world suffering that way. There is often the perception that their situation is far worse than anyone has ever experienced before or that anyone could imagine.

Considering the trauma that the person has or is experiencing and the unrelenting pain the person is suffering, this is understandable. When we are discouraged, demoralized, dejected and depressed it is nearly impossible to see past our own experience. And the concept of healing and moving on is inconceivable.

Through this article I wish to broaden that view; to offer hope to the many people who are suffering alone in pain, believing there is no way out of it. As life moves forward things shift and change. With the right guidance you will recognize the doors that are open to you and begin stepping through them.

When we suffer abuse, the perception of our current situation is the only perspective that is relatable. We become limited in our purview. It is difficult to conceptualize our lives looking any different. We must engage with someone who is experienced; someone who understands the depth and breadth of our situation. We need someone trustworthy and reliable to show us how to break out of the emotional prison we are stuck in.

Due to the extreme pervasiveness of abuse in our society, many professionals in the mental health field have honed their mastery and broadened their skill-set. Not all mental health professionals, in fact a small percentage of them, are adept in the specific treatment of domestic abuse caused by the personality disordered (aka evil-minded people). These professionals are highly experienced and can be very effective in treating those who have suffered this very specific, very complex, type of trauma.

Though you may feel alone with your situation, you are not. People of all walks of life, in all cultures worldwide suffer domestic abuse. Without keen awareness of how to recognize it, it is very difficult to avoid.

Truth is, we live in a highly predatory world. Evil, abusive monsters that appear to be like us are everywhere. We chance meet them all the time. They may be in our family or our social groups. We may work with them. Some of us know them well. Some of us love them.

M. Scott Peck says in his book, People of the Lie,"Evil is the greatest problem of mankind". He goes on to say that, "we recognize evil by our feeling when we are around it.".

These predators are difficult to identify or detect because, as Peck points out, "they are not designated criminals but solid citizens with no obvious defects". He goes on to say,"While usually subtle, their destructiveness is remarkably consistent."

Domestic abuse is exploitation and betrayal of trust You may be experiencing it but you did not cause it and you cannot fix it. Don't isolate yourself, blame yourself, or shame yourself. There are caring, devoted people who can and want to help you.

When all is said and done, don't expect to be the same person you were. You will not be ---you will be far more magnificent.

Randi Fine is an internationally renowned narcissistic abuse expert and coach, and the author of the groundbreaking book Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: The Narcissistic Abuse Survivor’s Guide to Healing and Recovery Second Edition, the most comprehensive, most well researched, and most up-to-date book on this subject. In addition to helping survivors recognize their abuse and heal from it, this book teaches mental health professionals how to recognize and properly treat the associated abuse syndrome. She is also the author of the official companion workbook Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: A Comprehensive Workbook for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse. Randi Fine is the author of Cliffedge Road: A Memoir, the first and only book to characterize the life-long progression of complications caused by narcissistic child abuse.


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