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Emotional Child Abuse Poem

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

My Name Is Grey

Emotional Child Abuse Poem

Written by Narcissistic Abuse Expert Randi Fine

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

My name is Grey.

I was the lost child of Black and White.

The lack of color caused a terrible plight,

and into I was born.

From two extremes,

who saw the world through their book of rules,

preaching knowledge that was wisdom of fools.

Inside of it I was torn.

So I saw love,

not from above.

If I was “good,”

I’d be understood.

And so I learned,

as my soul burned

to hide my Grey,

a game I’d play.

This free-willed Grey

Believed she had the right to try things her way,

yet as a child she must always obey,

or Black and White might see red.

I was so lost.

Behind my walls I’d obediently hide,

watch the confusion with eyes open wide,

with tears that I could not shed.

But Black and White,

means wrong or right.

There must be Grey.

There can’t be just one way.

From two extremes,

I lost my dreams.

They hid away,

inside the walls of Grey.

A fearful pair,

who never trusted they had value there,

who saw their lot in life as being unfair.

The rules were just their guard.

Minds so free,

needs encouragement unselfishly,

deserves love unconditionally,

should be free to be who they are.

Now the pleaser's free.

I've uncovered me.

How could I grow,

when my perfection was for show.

Still Black and White

believe they’re right.

But the victor Grey

is here to stay.

My name is Grey.

I was the lost child of Black and White.

Now I’m the logic between wrong and right.

Copyright 1997 Randi Fine

All Rights Reserved

Please contact Randi for permission to reprint.


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