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Crystalline Indigo Star Children: New Breed of Humanity

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Little girl with blue eyes represents crystalline indigo star children

Crystalline Indigo Star Children

A New Breed of Humanity

Written by Meg Blackburn Losey, Msc.D., Ph.D. for Creations Magazine

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New Children arriving around the world represent a huge evolutionary movement; a phenomenon affecting communication patterns at a cellular level. Crystalline and Indigo children, Star Kids and other transitional children have brains that function differently; they have an innate ability to “tap in” to different levels of subtle energies. They can experience precognition and/or free their consciousness to explore other times, places and realities beyond the third dimension.

Often, because of certain stimuli or changes within the relationships of energetic functioning, a child of the new evolution may look different or act overtly dysfunctional. Some of the children experience apparent disabilities and many are profoundly physically disabled, while exhibiting a spiritual clarity that demonstrates a mastery and wisdom beyond that of most adults. Those who appear to be profoundly affected often do not or cannot speak, but communicate telepathically. Some children do not behave “normally” and others seem “spaced out”. This is because their brain processes are far beyond ours.

One reason for this is the “fast track” nature of evolution at this time. Changing or disharmonic energies sometimes become resident within the brain waves and throughout the children’s energy fields. Energy relationships within the brain and the overall energy system experience static, much like the interference on a radio. Energy patterns in their brains often function in circular patterns, rather than linear, and affect the areas of intelligence accessed by the child. In some children, the energy fields within the brain unify, creating a field of energy that accesses parts of the brain that most people do not normally use. Their consciousness becomes more aware of alternate realities and multidimensional worlds and eventually free of limitations altogether.