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Celebrate YOU on Valentine's Day

Self Love on Valentine's Day

Written by Bob Rickert at

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It’s that time of year again. The red heart boxes are littering the grocery store aisles, roses and glitter-filled cards are everywhere you look, and forget trying to eat at a restaurant this weekend (even takeout). It's enough to make your heart sink, not sing. Everyone else is so in love. Or at least that’s how it can feel. Rest assured, you’re not alone if you’re feeling like you can’t wait for this day to pass.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Many believe the holiday originated with the Roman ritual of Lupercalia, where spring was welcomed in the same tradition as Victorian England. Over the years it's brought both Christian and Roman traditions together and gets its name from Saint Valentine. We’ve celebrated our true loves in the United States for centuries on February 14. It’s seen as a chance to share your love with those closest to you.

Changing the tune Chocolates, flowers, and other gifts have made an industry behind the holiday. Of course, with all of those traditions, expectations can be very unrealistic. Often those who are in a committed relationship aren’t immune to the stress and anticipation of a celebration that can always fray from expectations.

Sometimes it’s a song, a place, even a simple picture or image that can remind us of a person who’s no longer here or a time we were in a committed relationship. And when it happens, remember this is something everyone goes through at one point in time. Even those who are dating, married, or committed to others often can’t be with their special someone on Valentine’s Day. So, why not make this day about you?