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Are You Divorcing a Narcissist or Considering It?

Divorcing a Narcissist?

Written by Randi Fine and Susan Shofer

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

Are you feeling overwhelmed, like a deer caught in the headlights, while dealing with a high-conflict or narcissistic spouse? Are you divorcing one or considering it? That decision can be frightening and overwhelming. There is so much misinformation, confusion and chaos that accompanies this challenging journey.

When divorcing a narcissist there are two possible outcomes: success or nightmare. Divorce doesn't have to be a nightmare, but tackling it alone can be one.

Would you like to know more?

Watch this video to find out how to take the first steps.

...and this one too

Take this quiz to find out if you should divorce your narcissistic spouse.

..if so , the following information is for you.

Messy Divorce Solutions™ is having intensive two-day boot camp on Nov 1st and 2nd, 10 am to 4 pm Eastern Time. Everyone attending will leave totally equipped to navigate this journey with complete confidence.

What makes this boot camp so different than every other one?

  • You will be educated and guided by two top experts in this area who know the correct and proven ways to successfully divorce someone with narcissistic personality disorder.

  • Given clear and specific guidance, you will not feel alone.

  • You will be provided support and a top-notch education in all aspects of divorcing a narcissist.

  • You will gain the empowerment you need to reclaim your life in the best possible way.

Why should you trust us to guide you on this journey?

  • Meet Randi Fine, a world-renowned Narcissistic Abuse Expert and Coach, and author of the bestselling book, "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind."

  • Meet Susan Shofer, a seasoned Certified Divorce Coach and Parental Alienation Specialist, a two-decade private investigator, certified divorce coach, and TEDx speaker.

  • Together they bring six decades of experience in the fields of narcissistic divorce recovery and high-conflict divorce resolution.

Randi and Susan are here to tell you that they have your back. They will show you that you do have the courage, strength and power to successfully navigate your divorce journey. They will teach you how to get the process right from the start. And they will advise you on how to spend the least amount of money doing it.

Want to know more?

Don't miss this life-changing opportunity.

Are you ready to sign up?

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